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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 14:15

Aug 30, Containers for Succulents - rustic, classic, rugged, funky or salvaged

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Ideas, Inspiration and Imagination

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Containers for succulents can range from the unique to the common, rustic to classic.

Build your own creative succulent containers, or search out rustic salvage or garage sale finds to use as fun and funky planters.  Or choose sleek modern designs - succulents go well with every type and kind of decorative planter.

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Your succulents will look fabulous on your deck or patio in groups as an accent, or in a fantastic huge concrete or faux stone urn as a focal point.

A large rugged hypertufa planter suits a country garden perfectly.

A more refined version such as an elegant cast concrete planter will blend into the style of more formal garden designs.

Imagine how this would look; a rustic moss covered plant pot planted with a mixture of gorgeous succulents spilling over the side placed at the top of some stone steps, or a unique root planter filled with Sempervivum (hens and chicks) or rare hardy Orostachys.

Terra Cotta Clay Pots in a rustic basket

Some of my favorite containers for succulents are terracotta clay pots like my favorite old strawberry pot which gets replanted every year with a different theme - whatever I'm trending and testing.

Clay pots are great for succulents, because of the porous nature of the clay. 

This allows air exchange for the roots, and also allows excess moisture to escape. It's preferable to plant succulents (and most other plants) in an unglazed ceramic or pottery pot for exactly this reason.

Do succulents like Hypertufa?

As you can clearly see, the answer to that question is a resounding 'Yes!'

Hypertufa planters and trough gardens are heavy enough to counterbalance the weight of the top growth. The rough surface suits the roots of succulents perfectly, giving them something to grip to.

One of my projects that's looking particularly good right now is the Faux Wood Hypertufa Pot - sometimes it takes a while for the plants to get established, and the pot to age a bit.

Faux Wood Hypertufa Pot

See more of the pots that I've created below; click on the pictures;

Hypertufa pots are made from a mixture of concrete, peat moss and sand and formed using cardboard or plywood boxes, a piece of plastic draped in a depression in a sand pile to make a free form pot or even a sacrificial basket collected from the recycle center at the local landfill.

If real hypertufa is too much for you, try making a Styrofoam trough instead.

These are 'faux' hypertufa, if you like, and just imitate the look of a heavy stone trough, but in reality, they're just made from lightweight Styrofoam, painted in an imaginative way.

The added bonus; they protect the roots of sensitive plants over long cold winters.

Think outside the box when gardening in containers, keeping in mind a few key points such as drainage, soil type and sun exposure.

Also be aware of how top heavy large succulents can be, especially when allowed to dry out between waterings, as I recommend.

Nothing is worse than coming home after a wind storm to find your whole collection in tatters on the deck.


Succulent Container Tip

For a display in full sun, metal gets too hot even for the roots of heat loving succulent plants; display these containers where they'll get early morning sun only.

Try some of these ideas for planters and pots:

Containers for Succulents can range from sublime to rustic

Can you plant succulents in metal containers?

Absolutely! Some great metal pots for plants are zinc planters which have a silvery finish, iron wall planters that come in all shapes like animals, lizards and roosters with a rusty patina and copper planters, either left to tarnish and turn green with verdigris, or coated with some kind of finish to keep the shine.

One cool and unique planting idea that I repeat as a motif in my garden is recycled satellite dishes painted my signature 'Blue Fox' blue.

They make perfect shallow dishes for Sempervivum which can thrive in a tiny amount of soil - look at where hens and chicks originate; in high mountain crags in crevices right in the side of a cliff.

Looking out for salvage to use for containers to plant your favorite succulents in is fun - I always go to the local recycle center, the thrift store run by our local hospital auxiliary, and stop in to as many garage sales as I can.

You would be amazed at how much I find that has the potential to be a really fun and funky succulent planter.

Click the picture to see more metal planter ideas (and some tips and tricks):

I always watch out for twigs with a twist to use for handles on old tool boxes, tin can planters and hypertufa baskets. Find these at the curb when someone has trimmed an old fruit tree, as they'll have interesting shapes.

Above all, have fun, and don't hesitate to take any idea you see and run with it.

Unsure which plants will do well in containers?

Containers for Succulents, and the plants to go in them

I mix and match, sometimes keeping tender succulents together, but quite often a combination of Sedum, Sempervivum and tender succulents looks great in unique planters like these succulents in a wheelbarrow or succulents in enamel ware.


Please note; hardy Sedum and Sempervivum are not happy inside your house during the winter, so leave them outside in the garden instead.

I write this from the perspective of Zone 5a on the Canadian Plant Hardiness zone map so use your own judgement.  Trying to grow these hardy succulents indoors is the main cause of Sempervivum problems.

The beauty of succulents is their willingness to adapt to any conditions (except excess wetness) and if the planting gets overcrowded, simply take it apart, and start again; fresh soil and a trim will do wonders for an overgrown container of succulents.

Don't just abandon your containers when winter approaches:

Take your containers apart for the winter...

Take the tender succulents indoors...

Cherish your tender succulents with a home indoors...

...and let the hardy succulents have a dormant rest outside.

...and leave the hardy ones outside

As the cooler weather of fall approaches, take apart your containers that have a mix of tender and hardy succulents; the tender ones need a winter home indoors, the hardy Sedum, Sempervivum and Jovibarba prefer their cool dormant period in a garden bed until spring.

Succulent Planter Gallery

How do you contain your succulents? Share it! Do you have a crafty way to display your collection of succulent plants, Sedum, Sempervivum or other gorgeous Drought Smart Plants? Add your favorite planter to the Gallery for inspiration and ideas.

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