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Tuesday, 05 September 2017 15:15

Whimsy From Mundane

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Planted as mundane, cliche, just-enough-to-get-by, socially acceptable, stale, ubiquitous, time passed, someone decided to enjoy the canvas.
With great resource of mind, no money, the banal came alive.

Pic, above,

et="_blank" href="" target="_blank">here.
Charming, silly, wonky, fun, unexpected, I would have never thought of this, so, hence, adore it. More, filed it away to the memory bank.
You've got a new story to write
Pic, above, here.

Pic, above, here.

Finally may be don't know ,me and my situation is improving. New life hope so
Pic, above, here.

Amazing how many clients have already taken the stale of their landscape, and begun its new story of grace and whimsy before hiring me. Not knowing where it's headed, trusting the digging, pruning, and pure exhilaration , knowing its path has a destination into realms unknown yet filled with the oxygen of their new life.
What a ride I get to share with so many. Knowing up front much of what will unfold, excepting the best details of unique grace, joy, wonk, fun. Providence in the details.
Garden & Be Well, XOT
Of course I'm well aware of earthlings having zero trust for any of the above. Was raised to be one of those widget earthlings. Bless the bad times, without them no choice to enter the Garden. And, stay put ! Go ahead scare yourself. Best ride ever. Promise.
No? At a minimum order so many daffodil bulbs that you scare yourself at the price. Must start somewhere.

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