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Monday, 16 October 2017 18:31

Oct 17, White marks with brown spots?

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Several reasons
by: Jacki

There are a couple of possible culprits for this kind of damage.

As this is some kind of echeveria.html">Echeveria, they not only need bright light (which this one isn't getting, based on the pale center of it), they are also extremely sensitive to cold. If it got cold enough to damage the leaves, this could be it.

Or, it could be sunburn from the intensity of the light through the glass, but I'm inclined to think this is not it, or it would not show the paling out.

Or, it could be that it was damaged in transit at some point. Due to the fact that the damage is showing in odd places, which would have been underneath new growth about a month or so back, this is most likely the cause. So, the solution is, do nothing.

There is no fixing this, only prevention of it happening again, and in time (with more light) the plant will make new growth. Eventually, these damaged leaves will fall off, or you can cut them off.

Meanwhile, make sure they don't get wet, as water getting into the damage can cause it to rot, which runs the risk of making the whole plant rot.

If you want to be sure not to get water on the leaves, water the plant from below, in a saucer. However, if you do this, make sure that you don't leave the plant sitting in the water. Dump it out, let the plant dry out almost entirely.

From now until the spring, you may only need to water one or two times. Don't keep the soil wet!

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