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Saturday, 13 August 2016 05:55

Safeguarding Against Three Common Failures

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Blowout Failure

This happens when: A load is added within 3 feet of the top of the wall. The wall then leans out at the top and eventually tips over.

What to do: Plan your landscape with a Seattle Rockeries architect or engineer if a car or pool will be placed near the wall. Our retaining wall designs will include a strengthened footer and increased number of tiebacks or deadmen to add strength.

Wet-Soil Failure

What happens: Soil behind the wall gets saturated with rain and storm water, causing hydrostatic water pressure and weight to topple the wall.

What to do: Seattle Rockeries builds our retaining walls with gravel drainage and waterways to route exess rain and storm water to protect from oversaturating the soil behind the retaining wall.

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