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Thursday, 26 October 2017 14:56

Engine of Providence

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TARA TURF, in GA, is a mix of grass-moss-clover-mondo-ajuga-dandelion--mazus-and what the wind blows in. Add crocus,
dwarf daffodil, thyme if desired.
TARA TURF is mowed at 1-2-3 heights, below. Beneficial to wildlife, organic, sustainable, fragrant, low maintenance, eco and only uses rainwater.

Pic, above, I shot at Sissinghurst.

TARA TURF, mixed heights, above, in England.
Studying landscapes in Europe I noticed, NO LAWNS. TARA TURF is used commercially and residentially.
New neighborhoods lack smell and mixed insects. Did you know there are more good bugs than bad bugs?
Old neighborhoods smell like my childhood. Clover, grass, bugs, dirt, all the good things.
Most new neighborhoods have deed restrictions outlawing TARA TURF.
TARA TURF, I shot, in England, above.
The outlaw label, against TARA TURF, should be amusing but the stakes are too high.
The cost of mow-blow-go is too high. Lawn mowers are not regulated. One hour of lawn mowing is equal to 11 hours of driving a car.
Fertilizer, insecticide & fungicide kill machorizal fungi, and are toxic to groundwater.
TARA TURF, I shot, in Italy, above.
And drain into groundwater. Atrazine in our drinking water was on the front page of NY Times 8-23-09. TARA TURF uses no chemicals.
Yes, I design lawns. Preferring TARA TURF but using what deed restrictions require.

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