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Tuesday, 14 November 2017 13:13

Overdose on a Theme: Squares

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A 1st order Garden Design rule is to use contrasts for impact, big leaves next to small leaves, burgundy foliage next to chartreuse, rounded tree canopy with a cone shaped tree, and etc.
A later Garden Design rule, depending upon y
our character, is to Overdose on a theme, below.
Design a square garden room with square pavers planted with square beds, pruning plants into squares backdropped with a brick wall of rectangles. Oooh yes, made me smile.
Great scenario proving Garden Design Rules allow total freedom. Using contrast and overdose a theme, below, for this particular gardener, created emergent behavior. "Emergent behavior, in many instances the whole seems to take on a life of its own. Almost dissociated from the specific characteristics of its individual building blocks." Geoffrey West.

Pic, above, here.
Wicked fun creating your own emergent behavior. Oddly, you'll find your tribe when your garden begins to manifest. Build it and they will come, is true.
All, using Garden Design rules centuries old. Promise.
Don't forget, Copy, is one of the first rules of Garden Design. No two sites are the same, each copy unique, if not totally emergent behavior. Choice is yours.
Garden & Be Well, XO T

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