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Monday, 27 November 2017 14:07

Pot Narratives

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Choosing pots for your garden, choose pots fabulous empty. Another aid in choosing a pot, ask yourself, "Is this pot so wonderful it will be fought over at my estate sale?"
Within threads of choosing pots choose for color too.
This pot, doesn't need to be planted, will look marvelous empty.
Perhaps the pot planting, below, is a 10" plastic pot sold as a hanging basket, with the hanger clipped off.

Pic, above, here.
Get your pots at the right height. Use a plinth, above.
This pot is doing heavy lifting in the Garden Design realm. Did you notice already? More than merely a focal point for this photograph. This pot, above, is a focal point from more than a single direction.
The more axis a focal point has, the better the focal point.
See it, do it.
Funny how much narrative the Garden Design realm performs. Seems so easy at the front end. Until someone points out your focal point needs a plinth, and multiple axis. In addition to that estate sale question.
See it, do it? Easy? Requires that Johnny Cash bit, Meditate-on-it.
Garden & Be Well, XOT

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