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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 12:32

What's Missing from this Front Porch?

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Sitting on the front porch swing, below, yesterday before dinner.
Furnishings are functional, still not 'permanent' after moving here 2 years ago. Awaiting back deck staining & building a conservatory, both may pull furniture
from front porch. Until then, no worries, I like using the front porch. Floor, below, still needs staining.
Chair, at front door, below, leverages me coming/going from my car for work and grocery, always something to set down. Better, that chair has the best packages delivered upon it. Moving in, a friend told me, because I was now in middle of nowhere, You've got to get amazon prime. Never considered that a need. Now rural, it's a need.
3 ceiling fans are a need. Rural insects dine upon livestock patties, growing to impressive sizes, while having a higher IQ than their city counterparts. They're born knowing my name, where I live, and adoring my hide. Worse, they love going for car rides.
Notice what is missing below?
Ironic for a Garden Designer, yet a point of particular pride.

Posted this pic, above, on my facebook yesterday. Asking same question, What's Missing? Got a quick answer from hilarious source.
Surprisingly got answers that I wasn't looking for, but were true answers. People are rarely a component of my Garden Design photos. During my formative era, Garden Design photos rarely had people in them. But there was a stronger reason for having no people. Money. With a roll of slide film, I could only afford usable pics that would last decades. People & cars date a garden pic.
Still life pulls me greatly. Interior/exterior. An invitation to enter. Someone noticed that too. A+ to him, he left me a bit stunned, as if he'd found a 'secret' !
That friend knowing immediately what's missing, above, was the daughter-in-law of my former boss. Her father-in-law owned the nursery/florist I worked for doing propagation work for 2.5 years. Learned much from her father-in-law, and always enjoyed seeing him at industry events for decades. A good man, gone many years. Now, she & her husband own that nursery. It's obvious what's missing right? Plants.
Not to that layer yet, excitedly anticipating growing small topiaries in terra cotta pots, a Bunny Mellon layer, and in a funny twist, interesting begonias. A particular begonia from a friend's grandmother's plant, and here's the twist, that nursery I worked at as a propagator has an outstanding variety of old fashioned begonias.
Until the plant layer arrives, I'm enjoying the anticipation.
Garden & Be Well, XO T

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