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Thursday, 29 June 2017 12:40

Garden Design: What Change Would You Make?

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Simple, but huge, change I want to make in the garden, below. Any changes you want to make?
With zero knowledge of site constraints, I'll sail ahead with this single Garden Design layer.
If I knew the site, I may not ma
ke the change at all, or make the change bolder.
A 1910 farmhouse with a loving family, this home exudes happiness & grace. Our ca. 1900 white home is symmetrical inside, central hall 9' wide/50' long with 3 rooms off each side, excepting the exterior is asymmetrical. I really want to open their front door, architectural curiosity.
So. Have you concluded with your Garden Design session, below?

Pic, above, here.
This home, above, has a website, here. They are homeschooling their children. A huge & brave choice.
On their website it mentions 'he' likes DIY projects, and there's proof he's quite good at it. He could install my changes, easily. This home is classic with centuries of architectural roots across Europe.
Before I tell you my changes, what are your changes?
Again, I don't know their site, but if it is indeed a farmhouse, aka having a bit of property, my change will suit.
Move the foundation plantings, add steps around entire front porch. Yes, across entire front and at both sides. Poof, form/function. The house just grew in architecture, classically, and use.
Notice their bunting is reflected in the windows? Marvelous.
Tag line for their website, above, Jesus, Life, Beauty, Simplicity. Adore a mission statement. A dear friend is homeschooling her 2 precious children. Their home is living the same tag line. Soon, before going to her home, I'll have to ask for the cliff notes of what they're studying, just to be up to speed !
Separate from homeschooling, I'm noticing a huge difference in client's young children that began about 2-3 years ago. They are calm & normal, not needy, similar to eras many decades ago. Finally put my finger on the 'change'. Little to zero 'baby sitting' with cell phone/ipad. Ya'll know I'm a woman with infertility and if I notice a change, it's a whopper.
Garden & Be Well, XO T

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