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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 12:36

Forest Bathing

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Nice sentiment, below, but too small.
Long before cell phones, I knew what gardens provide. More, I think tapping into my garden is what addicts hope to gain from drugs, alcohol etc.
Going into my garden I forget what
time it is, what day, hunger does not exist, and cuts/bruises are only noticed showering, later, when garden time is over. Obviously, more than 'gardening' is going on. Scientific studies are showing biological changes to our bodies taking place in gardens/Nature. More than accounted for in placebo studies.
Experiencing joy when time/hunger/Earth no longer exist is an experience of eternity here & now, says Joseph Campbell. Do you experience this too, in your garden? Wendell Berry takes these thought further.

Pic, above, here.

More than science proving Nature bathing changes us, I've noticed another strong change.

May your time in Nature lead you to yourself.. -Shikoba- WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™
Pic, above, here.

Pace. The pace of Nature & gardening are the pace of our bodies in relation to Earth.

Beneficial effects of phytoncides (forest vits) can last up to 30days. Having a habit of once-a-month forest bathing is sufficient for anyone seeking to gain the advantages of the healing effect of phytoncides. They have been found to significantly increased NK cell activity and the intracellular levels of anti-cancer proteins. This amazing sweater is from #foresttherapy #shinrinyoku #forestbathing
Pic, above, here.

I do my best thinking, while in pace with Earth. More, in that body/Earth pace, are the riches of eternity now.

Live with more health, happiness, meaning and mojo.
Pic, above, here.

10 ways #trees benefit our communities and improve our quality of life. | Via Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, repinned via @Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Pic, above, here.


More than myself, my home, above/below, must be bathed in Nature.

TARA DILLARD: Focal Points in the Landscape:

My home, above/below.


The country garden hydrangea gate. Renae Moore Designs: Gardening with Tara Dillard:

When I met Penny McHenry, she invited me to lunch the next day. Driving into her property, above, my car was bathed, in hydrangea blossoms, both sides.
Decadent blossoms, weighted & caressing & touching my car from front to back fender.
More than meeting a new friend for lunch, already a gardener, I knew I had to have that. Nature so abundant, cars, mine specifically, had to be bathed in blossoms. Time passed, and without effort, or seemingly without effort, this desire became reality.
If you've read this far, what is it you're wanting?
Doing it?
Hope so. If not, why not?
Garden & Be Well, XO T

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