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Sunday, 23 July 2017 12:46

Double Axis: Focal Point Technique

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Double Axis. A focal point must have a focal point at both ends of its axis..
Amazing, the things they do not teach you in school.
Focal point bench, below. Sitting in the bench, you must create a focal point in the op
posite direction, bottom.

Weeks of endless Summer - Ben Pentreath Inspiration
Got it?
Do it.
Garden & Be Well, XO T
Pics from Ben Bentreath.
And most think Garden Design is some sort of voodoo, its practitioners thinking up la-ti-da maybe this/maybe that a bit here a bit there. Nope. Garden Design is pure templated known geography zero recreating the wheel its mechanics laid bare for all the world to see. See. Therein lies the problem. Pure seeing. My best epiphanies about garden design came years after looking, not seeing. The map is not the territory. Gardens that do not satisfy are exactly drawn from the known map. Beautiful gardens expose the territory here, and other realms. Want that? Get you some. Bemused I am about how befuddled I was before seeing the territory, trying to follow the map.
Best compliment ever, recently. A Canadian client said I was PECULIAR. Ok, thank you. In truth it's peculiar to me, trying to live by the map. Been there done that. Once you hop off the map, into the territory of your life, there is no going back. Why would you? Got it? Do it? Want it? Get it?

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