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Wednesday, 09 August 2017 13:45

Garden Stewardship: Lunch Ministry

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At the front end, a fat percentage of my clients are targeted for my own 'diabolical' ministry purposes. Diabolical? Early, they're not ready for the message. Lasso set, patience, yank. Never do I consider 'guilt' as a means, too embarrassing
to consider, rather low IQ method. Full frontal, heart on sleeve, throw it out there, Lunch Ministry. Further, Lunch Ministry merely a tool of Garden Stewardship.
For whatever reason, IMHO, Providence sprinkles those with a gardener's heart sparingly across every century. Part of my mission is to get those hearts into larger/larger circles of impact.

Pic, above, here.

Whether 1, 4 or 10, lunch ministry is easy, once your garden is leveraged for it & a bit of mentoring, aka, in my world, "Soon you'll be having lunches and showers in your garden." Not a member of local Garden Club? Join, put your name on the list for upcoming monthly meeting to host. Friend's child getting married? You must have a shower.

gravel garden w/ umbrella pruned trees
Pic, above, here.

The metaphorical breaking of bread, when 2 or more are gathered, indeed, packs a wallop in a garden. Oddly, the further away from being a gardener one of my guests is, the more likely they are to cry during some point at lunch. Tales I've been told thru those tears, oh my. What is it about hospitality in a garden pealing away at the myriad layers the-world wraps us in?

Majolica plates for salad. Love!! Definetly wouldn't let the kids use them though, lol
Pic, above, here.

This has been my year receiving phone calls with wild tales of showers. A special shower for the bride, for everyone who will not be invited to the wedding. Whew, thought I was 'diabolical'. Other showers, switch boards lit up. One person rescinded her offer to give a shower, the intended princess asked a bit too much. Who knew Miss Manners still alive/kicking, at a minimum, to those being gouged? Reddit should run this query ! What is your worst bridal/baby shower story?
My oddest Lunch Ministry, a baby shower, it snowed hard the nite before and all morning. No one could come, roads blocked. Table/food were ready. To enjoy the snow, I knocked on neighbor's doors inviting them to lunch. We had a great time. All wondering why none of us had ever had a neighbor's snow day luncheon.

Carolyne Roehm
Pic, above, here.
Martha Washington never knew how many she would be serving each evening. Not uncommon for her to use long boards on saw-horses with a cloth. I've had my harvest table since late spring, no Lunch Ministry yet using it. Pic, above, informs me I do not have a table cloth long enough, a bolt of fabric must be sourced. Linen napkins are easy, they've been acquired junking for pennies on the dollar, vintage, with monograms, for decades.
The joy of Lunch Ministry is following thru with my Garden Stewardship. Zero expectation of return hospitality, none. Casting bread upon the water.
Garden & Be Well, XO T
Oh that low IQ thing. Dread when it pops up, just when you think you've passed the age for getting into pickles.

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