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Our french drain system is incredibly effective at preventing water damage.

Our french drain system is incredibly effective at preventing water damage and flooding.

Flooded basement? Pooling water in your lawn? If you are having drainage issues, Rhine Landscaping can help. Many other waterproofing companies simply don’t have the labor necessary to hand excavate around the foundation of your home to prevent water from getting inside, so they often collect the rainwater after it has way into your basement and then pump it back outside. Our motto is “We believe in keeping rain water outside where it belongs” – and french drains can help us do that.

What is a French Drain System?

A french drain system utilizes a trench, gravel, an underground perforated pipe, and the power of gravity to direct surface water toward the lowest point and prevent over saturation of the ground. Water will first flood the trench then seep into the pipe and flow away from the foundation of your home or property. At Rhine Landscaping, our french drain systems are installed within existing soil to feature a 4” perforated pipe (ideal for most residential drainage needs) surrounded by clean gravel, which is fully protected by a non-woven polypropylene filter fabric.

What to look for this Spring? North Attleboro Lawn Care

New England Winters can be Harsh! Here are three thing I suggest you look for as the snow receeds. As a Landscape professional I keep my ever seeking eyes searching for problem areas and things we can do to head problems off at the pass.. Here is what I look for:

1. Bare areas in your turf; Understanding that a dense turf is a happy turf is the most important factor to reducing pesticide use and having a lawn that is more resilient to problems. Recognizing and combating this early in the spring will save you some headaches (crabgrass). If areas of turf have been damaged by plows or excessive moisture, shade or age realize that unwanted weeds will encroach these areas and begin it takeover. Knowing your trouble areas will help you craft a successful Lawn Care plan for 2014.

North Attleboro Garden

2. Opportunities to add color and density in your gardens; While the leaves are still off and the gardens are waiting to take off, take some time to evaluate how you would like it to look throughout all the seasons (including winter!).

Friday, 03 June 2016 10:59

Muhammad Ali's Peace Garden Initiative

‘Land is not land alone, something that simply is itself.

Land partakes of what we breathe into it, is touched by our moods and our memories.’

(VS Naipaul, The Enigma of Arrival)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 12:24

Discovering Garden Antiques

About once a year, in a client garden, discovery is made outside, of an important piece of statuary, furniture, urn, wall art, tool, whose time to be displayed inside has arrived.
Time is running out for many incredible exterior garden pieces. Alas, no one to notice, no one looking 'seeing', no one aware a precious bit of garden history about to be lost thru benevolent caretaking. Some, perhaps not of great value, instead, of great uniqueness and age.
This week, it happened again. A terra cotta elephant, seemingly doodied-up for a minor diety's parade. India? He has survived enough years outside, many more, would see him destroyed. Cleaned & brought inside a glass top set atop his 'seat' and he's a perfect table beside a chair, for a glass of wine.

Alhambra, 1910, Tekniska museet:

Pic, above, here.
Asked where Parade Elephant came from, "Former owners left him."
Nice leftover.
Look around your garden with new eyes, 'seeing' eyes. Be bold 'seeing' in your friends gardens too. See something, say something.
At the front end of my career I saw fabulous rare things in client gardens about every 2nd - 3rd client. Now, once a year or longer. Another decade will be too late for many garden antiques.

Hi Folks,

I have taken 3 calls this week from concerning customers about their Lawns in North Attleboro. The calls were similiar in the fact that they all were seeing the lawn mowers were causing tracking in the lawn. This is often mistaken as a chemical burn by your lawn care company.

Cool season grasses (like we have in New England) prefer cool temperatures. When the soil temperatures spike like they have in the last two weeks the lawns shut down (if we are not keeping the soil cool with regular watering) and become dormant. Extended dormancy or drought could damage the turf, but most lawns will recover when the rain and cooler temperatures return.

Good article describing the tracking due to heat stress. Heat Stressheat stress resized 600

Thursday, 26 May 2016 14:45

Design Your Perfect Backyard Patio

Multi-level patios can add incredible dimension and function to any outdoor space.

Multi-level patios can add incredible dimension and function to any outdoor space.

It’s officially Memorial Day weekend, and many homeowners are looking forward to embracing the weather and spending time outdoors with their family and friends. Is your backyard equipped to entertain? If you host a crab feast or BBQ, where will your guests sit? There is an affordable way to transform your outdoor space – design your perfect backyard patio! Let’s talk about how we can help.

Choose From Diverse Patio Materials

When it comes to backyard patio or walkway construction, there are various types of materials that are ideal for the job. Deciding which material is the best suited for your property needs all depends on what your vision is for your patio and how you plan to utilize it. Do you need a durable, yet affordable option that doesn’t compromise aesthetic appeal? Consider designing a backyard patio made of concrete pavers, poured, or stamped concrete. Concrete is one of the most affordable patio materials.

You can also design your backyard patio using patterned natural stone of irregular natural stone. This material tends to cost more but it can deliver a stunning, unique, and quaint visual appeal.

Sunday, 12 June 2016 12:42

'Purple Smoke' - The best Baptisia

‘Land is not land alone, something that simply is itself.

Land partakes of what we breathe into it, is touched by our moods and our memories.’

(VS Naipaul, The Enigma of Arrival)

Landscape Maintenance Tips: Guide for cool season grasses -
A new seed bed must be kept moist in order for the grass seed to germinate. This means watering 2-3 times daily. IF THE SEED BED IS ALLOWED TO DRY OUT JUST ONCE YOU CAN LOSE UP TO 30% OF YOUR SEED GERMINATION. What this means is if you are watering once a day with a garden hose it is not enough. Water is the key element in the success or failure of your new lawn.
North Attleboro Landscape
  1. Water new seed bed 2-3 times a day to keep soil moist.
  2. Once grass seed has germinated DO NOT STOP WATERING. Now the seed is a young seedling with a growing leaf area to support with a very small root system to draw water with.
  3. Now that your grass seed has germinated and is about 2" tall you should increase the watering time to a minimum of 30 minutes 3-4 times per week.

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