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Capitol Hill Hardscaping and Landscape Installation

Seattle's Capitol Hill area is a cultural neighborhood with many colors, ethnicities and flavors. Seattle rockeries maintains a high level of character and uniqueness in our landscape installations and construction projects to match the culture of your neighborhood. We are a full-service landscape design and retaining wall contractor supporting neighborhoods throughout Capitol Hill such as Eastlake Roy, Republican, Harrison, John Street, below half, Broadway, Harvard, Belmont, Summit, born Park area, East Howell, East Boston, Gayler, East Highland, prospect, Valley St., Washington Park area in down East Madison to Madison Park area.

Seattle rockeries provides professional landscape design services and construction projects including retaining wall installation landscape drainage services, paver installation, stairway construction, fences, decks and patios.

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Hardscaping Services in Central Seattle

Seattle rockeries is familiar with working on new and historic properties in Seattle's Central area. Our hard scape in technicians, landscape designers, geotechnical engineers and masonry installation experts are available in emergency situations when your existing structure is failing.

Seattle rockeries provides outdoor installation, excavation and renovation services in Montlake near Washington Park, Madison Park, Madison Valley, Washington Park, Stevens, Miller Park, Capitol Hill, near Interlake and Mark, Mick Gilbreath Blvd., Lakeview Park, Mercer, Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Madrona, Lake Washington Blvd., Denny, Blaine, East Harrison, East John, East Olive, East Pine, East Pike, East Union, East Spring, East Marion, spruce, Yesler, Jackson, King St., Judkins Park, Atlantic, Rainier Ave., Mount Baker, Beacon Hill, near Jefferson Park, airport way, near the right at and throughout the industrial district. 

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Hardscaping and Landscape Design Near University of Washington

University of Washington has many neighborhoods and suburban areas whose homes existing hard scape structures are falling apart. Seattle rockeries offers affordable pricing on rebuilding damaged retaining walls, walkways, outdoor stairways, drainage systems, masonry and landscape features. Seattle rockeries provides our services near the University of Washington campus, in the University District, University Village, Laurelhurst, Sandpoint area, Calgary, Bryant, 45th St., Ravenna area, Pacific, Roosevelt, Wallingford, Fremont, Hawthorne Hills, Seattle Children's Hospital and Windemere areas.

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Masonry Installation and Hardscaping near Downtown Seattle

Seattle rockeries services downtown Seattle areas with masonry installation hard scape services landscape design and various other outdoor services. We provide services in Belltown, downtown, Squire Park, Central District, Capitol Hill, Seattle Central, wedge Rona, Washington Park, lest she, Atlantic, Madison Park, Harrison, Denny, Blaine, Soto, Beacon Hill, Mount Baker, Rainier and surrounding areas.

We provide outdoor installation, excavation, masonry, retaining wall construction, drainage and hardscaping services to clients near downtown and central Seattle locations. We can work with your terrain no matter how close you are to existing properties. Seattle rockeries has installation experts and geotechnical engineering staff to provide a thorough plan for the future of your landscape in Seattle. 

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Lake Union Hardscaping and Outdoor Construction

Seattle rockeries is a retaining wall contractor and hard scape installation specialists supporting areas of Lake Union including South Lake Union, Westlake, Eastlake, Fremont, Dexter, east Queen in, Aurora, Fairview Avenue, volunteer Park area, Capitol Hill, Montlake, Stevens, Denny Park, Miller Park, Stevens and portage Bay.

Our services include masonry installation, hard scape in, landscape design, retaining wall construction, drainage installation, and installation of stone pavers, stairways, walkways and paths. We support commercial and residential lots of all sizes and shapes in Seattle's Lake Union neighborhoods. 

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Queen Anne Outdoor Landscape Construction & Hardsacping

Seattle rockeries builds outdoor landscape features and hardscape installations on properties in Queen Anne areas of Seattle. Our Queen Anne service area includes lower Queen Anne, Elliott Avenue, West Lake, east Queen and, McGraw Street, Gilman Dr., Queen and drive, Nickerson St., Seattle Pacific University area, Gayler, Garfield, Queen Anne Ave., Rogers Park area, West Queen Anne, Olympic Way, Kerry Park Lake Union, Westlake, Denny triangle, Dexter and surrounding areas.

Queen Anne is known for large sloped areas and landscapes situated on hills. Seattle rockeries has experience dealing with sloped landscapes retaining walls for hills and installing drainage systems on multilevel landscapes. Seattle rockeries is able to build stairways, walkways. Retaining walls, drainage systems, patios and pavers on any lot on any slope in Queen Anne.

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Magnolia Pavers, Patios, Retaining Walls, Stone Stairs and Landscape Design

Seattle rockeries builds beautiful hard scape an landscape features in Seattle's Magnolia areas. Our service areas near Magnolia include Briarcliff, Magnolia, Southeast Magnolia, Thorndike, Interbay, Dravus Street, Manner Pl., Lawton Park, W. Emerson St., Magnolia Blvd., Commodore way. Emerson Pl., Thorndike Avenue, 30th Ave., 34th Ave. W., Viewpoint Way, Kleist Pl., and surrounding neighborhoods.

Magnolia features beautiful homes and delicate businesses. Seattle rockeries is a professional resource for renovation or improvement of outdoor spaces for your luxury home or commercial location. Our services include drainage applications, retaining walls, excavation, walkways, stairs, patios, fencing and masonry installation. 

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Central Seattle Hardscaping and Outdoor Construction Services

Seattle hardscaping landscape design

 Shore up the foundation of your hardscape with Seattle masonry and hardscaping services by Seattle Rockeries. Seattle Rockeries Central Seattle service maps include neighborhoods south of the Ballard ship canal, west of Lake Washington, and north of the Duwamish waterway. Seattle Rockeries provides hardscaping, landscape design, masonry, drainage systems, pavers, retaining wall construction, and contracting services to many of Seattle's growing neighborhoods.

  • ​Queen Anne
  • Magnolia
  • Interbay
  • Denny
  • South Lake Union
  • East Lake Union
  • Westlake
  • Downtown
  • Belltown
  • Capitol Hill
  • Madison Valley
  • Lake Washington
  • Central District
  • Seattle University
  • First Hill
  • Seward Park
  • Blaine
  • Laurelhurst
  • Madison Park
  • Broadmoor
  • Laurelhurst

Seattle Rockeries carves beautiful hardscapes which include stone pavers, walkways, patios, staircases, walls and rich landscape designs. Improve your outdoor experience and increase the value of your property by protecting your landscape from flooding, erosions, slides and water damage. Connect multiple areas of landscape with stone stairs and pathways that connect multiple levels of sections and provide safe passage around slopped areas. Seattle's central neighborhoods are well known for magnificent foliage, retaining walls and the occasional street garden. Get started with landscape and garden design, construction and installation services by Seattle Rockeries.​

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    About Seattle Rockeries

    Seattle Rockeries creates hardscapes and landscapes using stones, boulders and concrete structures.

    Hardscaping creates structures that can be used on slopes and hills to prevent erosion and create water barriers or drainage.