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Almost 2 years in our ca. 1900 farmhouse, the pantry still has issues. Two rotting shelf boards were replaced and the entire pantry painted, but beyond that point of necessity, work remains.
Another issue, is the pantry window & its view. Living historically, includes being close to the road & hugging a property line. Next door is our neighbor in his ca. 1890 home.

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Meet our neighbor, below. An evergreen tapestry hedge has been planted, drip irrigation, and we've already pruned hard last summer, will do a last hard prune, making them flush full and fast this spring. A mix of tea olive, holly, azalea, hydrangea, anise. Not chosen or designed, left over from a mix of jobs. A friendship path for neighborly walk thru was put in, and used often.

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Three years ago, never imagining I would move from my 30 year Cottage Garden, I found a toile linen curtain panel. Custom made. Junking, $5.

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Now, still adoring my neighbor, above, I only see magnificent aspects of his garden. Once the hedge is grown, it's evergreen, the toile curtain will probably be taken away. What's not to love about a tapestry hedge blooming throughout the year along a gravel drive, capped with century old trees & sky?

This is my sister's favorite era, below. It didn't last long. Sister, same age as tiny Caroline, below, had a terrible surprise about a year later, I showed up in a crib.
National news and Life magazine were rife with pics and film of the Kennedy's during my earliest years. Cars. In those days, they were CARS. Even my dad worked in iconic design, have you seen the casing of a Saturn V booster, or the capsule of an Apollo rocket ?
Perhaps the prettiest images remembered though, are the Kennedy worlds. Vietnam, Marchin' Luther King, the University of Texas tower shooting, dominated our black white console tv with rabbit ears. At my age, no cognition, merely reaction to visuals. Though I must admit, even so young, I knew the beehive hairdo was wacko.
Of course those Kennedy visuals were iconic. The world's top photographers, and who was the interior decorator, below? Which international couturier designed the dress, below? Which maestro cut her hair? So many layers of design, and professional experts.
It's a potent Garden Design conceit, below. Paint it all the same color, overdose on a theme, form/function with exterior furniture, keep it simple.

Gardens begin inside your home on axis with key views.  Interior style and colors + exterior architecture are seamlessly combined, with historic templates, to create a vanishing threshold.  

Online design, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with a contracting dream team locally.

Gardens are a moat of grace around our life & home.

Garden & Be Well.

"Our lives are about getting the outside to match the inside." Jung

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