When living in Seattle, you can always count on rain. Seattle Rockeries does the drainage planning for you so you can enjoy your hardscape and outdoor living spaces. Surface runoff from your roof, gutter, or driveway becomes groundwater quickly. Standing water and saturated soil is a leading cause of damage to foundations and homes.

Drainage plans are developed by geotechnical engineers, construction technicians, landscape designers, and homeowners. Seattle Rockeries drainage plans include grading, excavation, drain pipe installation, filtering, and disposal systems. We specialize in constructing retaining walls, rockeries, rain gardens, swales, and drainage excavation. Rockeries' drainage plans include gutter downspout diversion methods to remove stormwater from your foundation and into a suitable outlet. Homes located at the bottom of hills and large slopes often require drain boxes, dry wells, french drains, water channels or catch basins.

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