Grading is the process of flattening and smoothing an area of soil to construct foundations, structures, and hardscapes. Grading prepares land for construction. A grade can be a flat base or a specified slope. A grade is achieved through use of specialized machines called graders, and the process of filling and compacting soil. Grading is a function of environmental design that is used in all landscape design, landscape architecture and hardscaping projects. Grading is important when constructing pavers, patios, retaining walls and almost any large construction project.

Drainage tip for Seattle homeowners:
Water flows and collects differently depending on how your terrain is graded. Creating slight slopes in the right areas can direct stormwater to proper drainage systems and water channels. Seattle Rockeries recommends a grade of 2% or higher away from buildings to prevent pooling or flooding. For retaining walls, patios, and other hardscapes, Seattle Rockeries recommends at least 1% grade away from all structures.

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