Seattle Rockeries Driveway paver installation experts build new driveways car parks for Seattle homes. Add curb appeal value to your Pacific Northwest property. A recent survey shows that homeowners in Washington State would choose a paver driveway over concrete installations. Driveway pavers offer unlimited colors and styles to choose from. Explore our range of paver shapes, colors, and surface textures to match your home and hardscape.

Concrete surfaces like walkways and driveways can create hazardous amounts of running without sufficient drainage systems. Paved driveways are permeable and create highly efficient drainage solutions for your home and hardscape. Rainwater can drain through the space between paver stones and absorb safety through the bedding layers and into the soil beneath.

A well-drained driveway is more resistant to the ice during the winter and standing water in the Spring and Fall. Paver driveways create more traction under vehicle tires than concrete or asphalt. Seattle Rockeries driveways are affordable to install and easy to maintain. Our driveways last through every season, year after year.

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