Ecology blocks come in three different finishes, including chiseled texture, cobbled and plain. Plain Ecology blocks make large concrete-walled terraces that can be covered in natural stone veneer and capstone to match the visual aesthetics of your hardscape.

Ecology blocks are recycled from unused concrete and leftover construction material. These blocks are very popular due to their ability to last the lifetime of your property. retaining walls made from ecology blocks do not break, do not crack, not crumble, and do not fall apart. Ecology block retaining walls need very little maintenance if any at all.

Ecology blocks measure at 2 feet wide by 6 feet long and 2 feet high. Ecology blocks have a 3-inch radius tongue and groove interlock for mounting ecology blocks and tying them together. Blocks we're nearly 4000 pounds or almost 2 tons. Ecology blocks also come in half-block size.

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