Gabion walls are constructed using wire boxes filled with crushed stone or large rocks. Gabion walls are typically battered against a slope and allow for highly efficient drainage well maintaining an organic look. Gabion walls have a lifespan which depends on the quality of wire used to create the gabion frame. Seattle rockeries use gabion cages which are guaranteed to last 50 years.

Gabion wall is built by Seattle rockeries are constructed using strong, sturdy galvanized, coded, or stainless steel wire that won't bend when filled with heavy rocks during landscaping. Gabion walls can support earth walls, drain soil, prevent erosion, and create highly efficient drainage solutions for all hardscaping construction methods.

10,000 years gabion instructions were used to protect the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. During the Roman empire, cabins were used for military fortification. and more recent history structural engineers have used gabion extensivelysixnine to stabilize shorelines rivers highways and large slopes against erosion. Gabion walls have the advantage of filtering salt and other vegetation into the rock which reinforces the structure.

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