Gravity walls are soil retaining construction methods that rely solely on their weight to stand against the weight of your terrain. These walls are built using Bolles pre-cast concrete lyrics or tongue and groove locking ecology blocks. Leverage is used against the earth by stacking blocks, stones, or concrete again soil on your landscape. Behind your gravity wall sits a wedge of soil which extends beyond the failure plan of your train.

Gravity Walls are much more than piles of stone or concrete block. All Seattle Rockeries gravity retaining wall construction methods allow for efficient drainage. Precast concrete blocks are filled with crushed rock which provides the necessary weight to hold the wall in place while allowing for safe drainage of the retained soil. Rockwells and large boulder retaining walls Allow for natural drainage through gaps between rocks and pebble base. Ecology Block Walls use creshed rock and perferated drainage pipe to collect and release saturation in heavy soil.

Gravity walls are constructed with the assistance of Geotechnical Engineers at Seattle Rockeries. Properly constructed retaining walls prevent terrain from sliding, overturning and have the capability of bearing large loads of weight. These walls increased global stability throughout your terrain in the lower construction of additional slopes, surcharges, and terraces throughout your property.

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