Seattle Rockeries Hardscaping

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When constructing a foundation, hardscape, retaining wall, drainage system, paver, or outdoor living space the land needs to be inspected by a geotechnical engineer and prepared for a strong foundation. The process of excavation is critical during the preparation stages of Seattle Rockeries' construction projects. We were skilled labor and heavy equipment to move rock, soil, earth, and other material to create graded areas and specified levels.

Seattle Rockeries excavates topsoil to remove exposed surface earth including vegetation, soil, and other unstable material. Our excavation technicians remove rocks, boulders, and other obstructions which impede the construction of smooth spaces, and solid structures. As a process of Geo technology and drainage system development, our technicians also offer swamp and mud excavation. We remove mud and unstable wet soil mixed with water to leave only structurally stable terrain. When we get to the excavation of the earth we are able to remove the layers below the topsoil to create drainage efficient areas for construction.

Seattle rockery brings equipment for cut and fill excavation or stripping excavation to clear large areas on Seattle properties. We remove shallow and deep layers of topsoil, down to rocks and sand. Our technicians are able to remove unwanted materials and obstructions from your landscape while grading the land. We offer trench excavation services to dig channels a varying depths. In the hardscaping industry trench excavation is used to bury drainage pipes or used for service lines, electrical lines, or sewage lines for new home construction.

Seattle rockeries performs demolition on properties of all sizes to construct new Hardscapes, foundations, structural installations, and development. We can remove large structures such as houses, garages, basements, old piping, and previous hardscape installations.

Seattle Rockeries engineers conduct building surveys to examine material, building usage, construction methods, draining conditions, traffic, and building code. Homes and buildings must be cleared for hazardous or regulated materials such as chemical or asbestos. We can help you attain permits and provide quality control throughout your demolition.

Our demolition technicians safely raze and tear down buildings or other man-made structures using quality equipment and skilled labor. Seattle Rockeries controls dust via "wet demolitions" where the site is kept wet while loaders, bulldozers, and excavators break down your structure.

Call Seattle Rockeries today at (206) 960-9003 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a quote!